Floating in space of China’s space research mission Cheng Five, the two halves are interconnected in a fixed space. According to the details, the mission’s “Asunder” has been linked to the Arbiter Returner in the prescribed manner. This is the first time that a Chinese space mission has made such a name for itself.
According to the China National Space Agency (CNSA), samples collected on the moon have been transferred to a spacecraft to be brought back to Earth at a recent stage. Cheng Five is one of the most complexes in the history of Chinese space research. It is the most difficult mission in the world and will be the first mission in more than 40 years to bring samples from the surface of the moon to Earth.
The mission was launched on November 24. It should be noted that the last day China announced that its space mission has also hoisted its flag on the US moon 50 years after the US flag was hoisted by the Chinese National Space Administration. A photo released showed a five-star red Chinese flag on the surface of the moon, where there is no wind at all.
The images were taken by a camera mounted on the robotic spacecraft Cheng Five, which then flew off the moon with patterns of lunar rocks. Reminds me of that excitement. Cheng Five moon soil and rock samples have been taken to China’s Lonar Orbiter, 15 km above the moon’s surface, which will be enclosed in a module and will be thrown into the region of Mongolia, China. It is 90 cm wide and weighs one kilogram. Project leader Li Yunfeng told Global Times that all parts of the flag have been given features that keep them safe even in cold temperatures.
Project developer Cheng-Chang said that no ordinary national flag used on Earth would be able to withstand the harsh atmosphere of the moon. The Chinese national flag was spotted during the first Chinese mission to land on the moon, Cheng Three. Meanwhile, Lander and Rover took pictures of each other. Cheng Five’s mission is the seventh successful landing on China’s moon in the last seven years.

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