The Saudi Crown Prince called on the US Secretary of State to normalize relations with Turkey and Qatar, to maintain Saudi supremacy in the Muslim world, and to remove the Saudi name in the case of Jamal Khashoggi. Senior journalist Sabir Shakir Claim
Senior journalist Sabir Shakir says that according to Israeli media, the US Secretary of State and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met in New York City, the purpose for which Mike Pomeroy went to meet Mohammed bin Salman could not be fulfilled. Matters have already become more complicated. According to US and Israeli media, the US Secretary of State took the message to Saudi Arabia that you should recognize Israel before the departure of Donald Trump on January 20.
However, the meeting was not successful, Muhammad bin Salman asked for some guarantees. Israel has not yet been recognized because King Salman did not agree to the extent that Muhammad bin Salman agreed.
Sabir Shakir says Muhammad bin Salman has set three conditions for recognizing Israel and wants his relations with Turkey and Qatar to be normalized.

The second condition is that the supremacy of Saudi Arabia should be maintained, our superiority should be maintained in the Muslim world as well, the defense agreements that have been reached should be fulfilled in a timely manner, Muhammad bin Salman laid down the third condition that Saudi Arabia The name of Muhammad bin Salman should be deleted. The reason is that this case has now reached the United States. And the proceedings regarding this case have also been started in the American courts.
Once Muhammad bin Salman was going to visit the United States, his visit was canceled at the last minute. Although all the protocol was there, a magnificent building was taken for Muhammad bin Salman where his luggage was delivered. But his visit was postponed, it is about the days when the case of Jamal Khashoggi was going on in the American court.

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